Specialist Window Cleaning Sheffield and Dronfield

Water fed poles can go beyond more traditional means of window cleaning. They can be used for your window frames, fascias, soffits, and sills, restoring them to a pristine condition without multiple tools. Our water fed system also makes it easy to reach conservatory roofs and solar panels.

Windows will stay cleaner for longer. 

During the water purification process, the dissolved particles or minerals are filtered out. The purified water acts like a magnet, absorbing and removing grime and dust off your windows without need for any detergents or other cleaning chemicals. Once your windows are dry there are no smears or marks unlike with unpurified water. Because there is no residue, there is nothing for dust to adhere to, which helps achieve a cleaner and softer finish on your windows that lasts longer.

Our water fed pole reaches up to about 40 feet or 3 stories, so these high and awkwardly placed windows are within reach! And we can do this safely without needing to get on ladders, minimising risk to ourselves and your property.

At Yorkshire Rose Window Cleaning, we aim to be the top window cleaners Sheffield and Dronfield have to offer — in terms of professionalism,  quality of work and great communication. Not only do we provide outstanding cleaning services, but we are also reliable and regular and we text every customer the night before to make them aware we are coming. We never turn up unannounced. This enables you to leave gates unlocked. We offer easy payment options as well, cash or bank transfer. 

Transforming exteriors. Yorkshire Rose are specialists in domestic and commercial window cleaning Sheffield

We use a water fed pole system which uses purified water. Purified water gives you the best results for longer lasting, more effective window cleaning. No marks, no smears. Worry free cleaning. 

Because of the use of extendable poles, there is no need for ladders. No safety risks, no threat to your property.

“Outer order contributes to inner calm”
Gretchen Ruben

Reviews from our Customers

“Highly recommend. My windows are so clean no marks what’s so ever. Great customer service. Friendly Doesn’t disappoint ”
Dawn Foster
“Really happy with their services and especially pleased with the Upvc window frame clean today! ”
Karen Flint McConaghy
“Lovely clean windows. Fast service and great pricing. Can't recommend highly enough!!.”
Elizabeth Marie Russell

About Our Key Service Areas: Sheffield and Dronfield

  • Sheffield comes from the name of the River Sheaf which runs through the city.

  • Over 60% of the area is green space. In May 2022 it was designated a “Tree City of the World” in recognition of its maintenance of urban forests.

  • Population as of 2021 is 556,500 which makes it the 2nd largest city in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

  • Dronfield is a town south of Sheffield, with a population of 21,007 as of 2021.

  • Like the city of Sheffield, the Dronfield economy was bolstered by steel manufacturing during the late 1800s.

  • Today both Sheffield and Dronfield have diverse businesses, though manufacturing remain to be important contributors in both.

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